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Weddings & Quinceañeras

All packages are done with top digital technology for perfect color saturation, enlargements are color corrected, digital retouching, imperfections removed, digital make up, illumination corrected.  Photo Digital print Albums*, 15 Pages Van Gogh,   20 Pages Rembrandt, 30 Pages Da Vinci  personally done by
Luis Manzanilla

Video are capture with the finest and professional  state of the art digital cameras for perfect video image, color, sharpness, detail, sound and lighting are our first concern.
Post Production, Editing, Titles, Music, Special Effects, Color Correction,Sound Levels, Stereo, Dolby, 4.3, 16.9 format or
Widescreen, mics,  Dolly tripods & Camera Cranes for steady shoots,  90 minutes High Resolution  USB Flash Drive Files

PicassoVan GoghRembrandtDa Vinci
300 Photo USB300 Photo USB400 Photo USB500 Photo USB
1   11x14   2 11x14  2 11x14      1 13x19 1   11x14         2 13x19
1 Photo Album 1   11x14,  1 Digital Album 1  11x14  1 Digital Album 1 111x14 1 Digital Album
No Video3 Video  HD USB Flash Files *4  Video HD USB Flash Files**4 Video HD USB Flash **
No Studio Set UpStudio Set Up+* Studio Set Up+** Studio Set Up+***
4 Hours*** 6 Hours***8 Hours***8  Hours Max***
$950.00$1799.00  $1999.00$2199.00

* 1 hour DVD
Titles,Sound, Editing
** 90 minutes hour DVD's
Titles,Sound, Editing
Special Effects,Music
Color corrected
*** Total working hours, Including travel or waiting time from
first location to last,Studio Set Up if is included
+* Studio Set up at Reception
hall or ballroom Professional Photos
Strobe Lights, Background
 3 hours only, up to 6
+** Studio Set Up at Reception Hall or Ballroom, Professional Photos, Strobe
Lights, Hand painted Canvas Background
3 hours only, up 6 people if space for set up available 
+*** Studio set Up Reception Hall
or Ballroom, Professional Photos
Strobe Lights, Hand Painted canvas Background, Video Clip Of Photo
Shooting, 4 hours only up to 8
people if space for set up available
Each Extra Working hour $ 150.00 (After Contract)
Photo Enlargements
Family Photo Studio
Engagements Photos
Video Clips
Poster size.........$235.00

Bigger please ask for a quote 
1 People.....36 proofs.....$275.00
2 People.....36 proofs.....$375.00
3 People.....72 proofs......$575.00
4 to 6 People.....96 proofs.....$700.00
7 or more People.....120 proofs.....$900.00

2 changes of outfits only, all photo sections up to 3 People are 1 hour long
 4 or more 2 hours only.

1 hour...36 Proofs.....$150.00

2 hour...72 Proofs.....$275.00

One location only
For each additional location Add
$100 more per each one

30 Minutes clips,
one location,just editing & Music $475.00

30 Minutes clips, 2 locations,
 Editing, Music, Special Effects
Titles & Voice Recording

DVD case with photo label
included per clip

***Senior Portraits***



        It's your senior year, you've made it at last.
       The high school is yours to rule and this year
      everything will be perfect. Everything, including
                        your senior pictures.
        Yes, gone are the days of those tiny, generic
             yearbook pictures. Those are for the
       underclassmen. You are a senior now and only
                  the best will do. Our goal at
        Photography by Luis & Video Productions
        is to give you, just what you deserve, the best.
         We understand how important your senior
        yearbook photo is.  You WILL stand above
          all of the rest, not only because you are a
       senior, but because your senior pictures will be
           what a lot of others can't see- the real you.
            We will not settle for the generic cookie
        cutter photos. We know that years from now
            you will open your senior yearbook and
      remember what was. Then you will not see a
          gawky teenager. You will see someone
          with style, someone with class, someone
            trendy. For when it came to choosing a
               USA senior portrait photographer
                   you went with the very best.

Luis, Laura, Vanessa & Chris are a children's and family
 portrait photographers working on location in and
around the Austin, Cedar Park & Central Texas area.
While we do maintain a home studio, we are also
 on location photographers, who sees your home
and natural surroundings as the backdrop of our images.
 Our favorite subjects are newborns, babies, children,
pregnant women (maternity and pregnancy portraits)
 and high school seniors.

Laura's & Vanessa's unique and artistic style
 of child portraiture is sure to delight and
captivate. they  favorite medium is vibrant color,
 but  we also offers work in black and white.
Let us to capture those special moments forever
don't let months, years go by before you know time will
pass and  your children will grow. 

Memories are those the ones are telling us many
feelings and words in silence, capture in a  Image to see
for many generations to came!!

Keep Your Memories Forever!

Gold Package:  $195.00

Choose unlimited poses from your proof set and

get the following color portraits:

  • One 11x14
  • Two 8x10s
  • Four 5x7s
  • Four 4x6s
  • 24 wallets (must order in sets of 2s)

Silver Package:  $115.00

Choose up to two poses from your proof set and

get the following color portraits:

  • Two 8x10s
  • Four  5x7s
  • 24 wallets (must order in sets of 2s)

Bronze Package:  $65.00

Choose one pose from your proof set and get

the following color portraits:

  • One 8x10
  • Two 5x7s
  • 16 wallets

We do allow substitutions on the packages,

but there may be a change in pricing. Just

talk to us about what you’d like to do and

we’ll accommodate your request as

best as we can.

Wallet Special:  $60.00

If your order totals $65.00 or more, then you

are then eligible to purchase the Wallet Special.

You get 48 wallets of up to two poses at this

discounted price. Must order in sets of 2s.

You can have wallets personalized with your

name and graduation year for a rate of $15.00

for each image you wish to personalize.

For More Details Please Call: Laura Or Vanessa

A La Carte Prints

  • Wallets 2.5 x 3.5 (set of 4) $6
  • 4 x 6 - $5
    • 20- 40 - $3.50 each
    • > 40 - $2.50 each
  • 5 x 7 - $10
  • 8 x 10 - $25
  • 11 x 14 - $40
  • 13 x 19 - $55
  • 16 x 20 - $65
  • 20 x 24 - $85
  • 20 x 30 - $120

Canvas Prints (come mounted

and ready to hang):

  • 8x10 - $90
  • 10x10 - $90
  • 11x14 - $110
  • 16 x 20 - $145
  • 20 x 24 - $175


A USB Flash Drive of images can be added to any print
package for $200

A: $95 (save $15)

(1) 11 x 14 print

(1) 8 x 10

(2) 5 x 7

(5) 4 x 6

B: $140 (save $45)

(1) 11 x 14 print

(2) 8 x 10

(4) 5 x 7

(10) 4 x 6

For More Details and other Packages call: Laura

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